Monthly interdisciplinary clinical meetings that cater to specialists and personnel of the perinatal period that take care of infants and pregnant women (gynaecologists, child birth assistants, nurses, neonatologists, paediatricians, psychologists, child psychiatrists, psychotherapists). The participants present clinical material alternately and then the team and an invited member of the Society present their comments. To date, two rounds of meetings have taken place: 2-6/2016 and 2-12/2017.

Depression in infancy

The key note speech delivered by professor Bernard Golse on the occasion of the working group co-organised by the European Association of “Child and adolescent psychopathology” (AEPEA) in cooperation with the “Hellenic Society for infant Mental Health” (WAIMH Greece), in the framework of the “10th Hellenic Paedopsychiatric Conference of the Paedopsychiatric Society of Greece”, which was held in the amphitheatre of the Aeginition Hospital, Saturday 30/09/2017.