Who we are

Single_logoWHO WE ARE:

The Hellenic Society for Infant Mental Health is a scientific, non- profit organisation affiliated to the World Association for Infant Mental Health (WAIMH).
It was established in Athens, in October 1993, responding to the need for a scientific association in Greece that would focus on the sensitive period for human development from pregnancy to the age οf five years.



  1. Supporting the development of scientifically based programs of care, intervention, and protection of the physical and mental health of infants and their families.
  2. Promoting the education and sensitization of doctors, nurses, midwives, psychologists and other health professionals on infant mental health issues.
  3. Contributing to the study and research in the field of mental health during pregnancy and infancy.
  4. Encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration among health care professionals working in maternity and infant care settings.


  • Organizing seminars, lectures, special courses or group discussions addressed to health professionals working in perinatal and infant mental health settings.
  • Organizing meetings, workshops and conferences on regional, national and international level.
  • Publishing a newsletter and a professional journal, and editing articles and books of related interest.
  • Planning and implementing research programs and developing study groups on infant mental health issues.
  • Promoting public education through seminars and newsletters.
  • Connecting and collaborating with individuals and scientific societies activating in the field of infant mental health on both national and international level.
  • Establishing a network of health care professionals with the purpose of advancing interdisciplinary collaboration on both preventing and treating problems concerning infant mental health.

Members of the Hellenic Society for Infant Mental Health are Pediatricians, Neonatologists, Obstetricians, Midwifes, Nurses, Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Psychoanalysts, working in universities, teaching and public hospitals, research centers and the private sector. They are actively involved in clinical and/or research work in the field of mental health of infants and their families.