Purpose – Means


  1. A scientific contribution to the development and protection of infants’ and their families’ physical and mental health.
  2. The promotion of knowledge and awareness raising among doctors, nurses, psychologists, midwives and other health professionals in matters of mental health during infancy.
  3. The study of and research in development and clinical praxis in the course of pregnancy and infancy.
  4. Fostering interdisciplinary cooperation and joint efforts to understand the issues of mental health during the crucial period of infancy and to provide assistance.

Means deployed for the achievement of the society’s objectives

  • Professional training of health professionals specializing in the perinatal and infancy periods through seminars, lectures, special coaching and discussion groups.
  • The organization of workshops, symposiums, and conferences at local, national and international level.
  • The publication of books, newsletters, and magazines as well as scientific publications.
  • The development of research programs as well as the creation of study groups related to the Society’s objectives.
  • Raising public awareness by means of speeches in public and newsletters.
  • The interconnection and cooperation of the Society in Greece and abroad with persons and scientific bodies active in the field of mental health of infants.
  • Organizing a network of infant health professionals to promote interdisciplinary co-operation on subjects of prevention and treatment of mental health problems in infants and young children.